Richard Sanders

Richard Sanders was trained in sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied with Robert Engman. Richard's work explores the interaction of form and nature in a variety of media. His work has been exhibited at the Alternative Museum in NYC, New York University, Philadelphia Art Alliance and galleries in both New York and Philadelphia.

“My work is fundamentally a visual expression. The use of basic forms that drive connotations and echoes to the human and forms in nature. Content for myself evolves over the course of working on the pieces. They go through much iteration sometimes with parts from one being incorporated into others so that the finished work is wholly different from the initial idea. It’s a bit like building a musical score from notes and chords. This piece is composed of separate pegs each about 6” long. The assembly can made in an infinite variety of possibilities. However the structure of each peg has a determining factor in how the structure can evolve.”