Karen Francazio Sanders

“I am engaged in a series of paintings on canvas and paper titled Dreamscape and Firmament. The watercolor and acrylic paintings depict an ethereal and subliminal sense of place. The liquidity of the water based media background creates atmosphere abstracting sky and water contrasting with organic natural and architectural forms. The effect is of a dreamy unconscious place as opposed to a specific geographic location. Mark Rothko said “painting like all myths, combine shreds of reality with what is considered unreal”.

The series is a further development from my previous series Veiled Places. The work uses watercolor and acrylic on paper or canvas sometimes including digital prints as a background layer. Many of the ideas from that series I transferred to canvas. I create layers to build an atmospheric depth.  I am interested in creating the effect of a space ranging from the micro-biological to the macro-astrological. There are also references to the way the surface of the earth is transformed by geology and weather.”