Alice Sims-Gunzenhauser

“For all of my adult life, I’ve been fascinated by what it means to represent something visually. How does it happen? And where on the continuum from photographic representation to total abstraction do I want my work to be sited? Though my answers have varied, a constant has been that I want my engagement with materials to be apparent so that the means of creating the illusion of form or space are clear.

Frequently, my work has focused on or relied on the use of line. I remain fascinated by the border between representational line and calligraphic, gestural, directional line that describes only the motion of my arm, the energy of the piece at that moment. As my work has loosened and headed more toward abstraction, line has metamorphosed into a more general focus on mark making. When marks, whether linear or otherwise, move in and out of suggesting intelligible form or movement, the work is most alive for me.

My educational background includes a BA in art from Grinnell College and an MA in art from Hunter College, CUNY. In between, I received a Fulbright Grant and spent a year studying German artist/poets in Munich.”